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Car Hire Faro Efficient Rentals

With Portugal Car Hire Faro, your trip to the Algarve will be stress-free. Simply book online at a reduced rate and our friendly staff will be waiting to deliver your car at Faro Airport. Avoid queues and transport buses after your already long flight- book with Portugal Car Hire and you'll be on the road in no time.

Book Online for Prices 25% Lower Than Our Normal Rates!

Portugal Car Hire Faro offers a wide range of vehicles including 4x4s, Jeeps, Minibuses, Family Station Wagons, and Mercedes. With the cheapest prices in Portugal, we guarantee your car hire will be waiting for you at your choice of dropoff, including Vilamoura, Albufeira, Lagos, Praia da Luz, and anywhere else in the Algarve!

A Great Choice for Families

If you are traveling with young ones, Portugal Car Hire Faro has you covered. All our rentals include one baby/booster seat. Our wide range of family vehicles offers the right fit for any size family, from a family station wagon to a minibus. Every rental covers one additional driver per vehicle, so mom and dad can both drive. Portugal Car Hire takes the hassle out of a renting a car and lets you enjoy your trip!

The Cheapest Rates in Portugal

Portugal Car Hire Faro has reduced rates on all online rentals - up to 25% off regular prices! Drive an economy 3 door for under 40 EUR a week during our winter season. A family station wagon is under 100 EUR a week all winter long. Our spring and summer rates are lower than any of our competitor's- simply click on "Get a Quote" and see how little it costs for you to be on the road with Portugal Car Hire. Along with having the lowest rates for any car service in Portugal, we now offer a FREE upgrade. When booking an economic 4 door, you will automatically be upgraded to a 5 door- no extra charge!

Car Hire at Faro Airport

Many car hires at Faro Airport are expensive and time-consuming. Not Portugal Care Hire- we have your rental waiting when you land. Other car hires at Faro charge for car drop-off, but our friendly staff are happy to bring you rental to Faro Airport and anywhere else in the Algarve.


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Let Portugal Car Hire Allow You To Visit Beautiful Portugal

Favorite historical places in Portual

  • Centeral Lisbon
  • Monastery of Jeronimos
  • City of Porto
  • Pena Palace in Sintra
  • Guimaraes Castle
  • Temple of Diana, Evora
  • Commerce Square in Lisbon
  • The Belem Tower in Lisbon
  • Queluz National Palace in Sintra
  • Santa Luzia Santuary in Viana do Castelo

Favorite Beaches

  • Beach Nazare
  • Beach Cascais
  • Beach Algarve
  • Axenhas do Mar, Sintra
  • Funchal, Capital of Madeira
  • Corvo Island - Azores


Find a Portugal Faro Car Hire

If you plan on flying into the Faro Airport in Algarve in the near future, then you will want to take the time to plan ahead when it comes to booking the necessary accommodations upon your arrival. This may include booking a hotel for yourself for the duration of your stay, but it may also be a good idea to find yourself a reliable and affordable Portugal Faro car hire. This will give you the added convenience of being able to drive around the local area of Algarve without having to go through the added hassle of finding the necessary public transportation.

When looking for a Portugal Faro car hire, there are a few different steps that you can take to make this process as easy as possible for you. For starters, you should decide on the specific budget that you would like to stick with for your car hire and choose a type of vehicle that corresponds with that budget. For example, an economy car may be your best choice if you are on a tight budget and are traveling light. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy added features and a vehicle that is more spacious and fun to drive, then you may want to go with a luxury car.

From there, you will want to find the best place from which to reserve your car hire. Luckily, you can be sure to find the specific vehicle that you are looking for at a reasonable price by simply going to the Portugal Faro car hire website. There, we specialize in offering the hands down lowest prices on the best cars for your trip. Furthermore, reserving has never been easier; all you need to do is find the car that you would like to book online, enter the dates that you will need the vehicle, and get an instant quote in a matter of seconds. From there, you may decide to reserve your car hire on the spot and have it waiting for you once you arrive at the Faro Airport in Algarve, Portugal.


Experience Freedom with Portugal Car Hire Faro

Your car hire Portugal allows you to see all that is fascinating in this popular destination at your own pace. Visit Portugal and experience a brand of hospitality that surpasses the usual. Take in the beautiful countryside, architecture and local cuisine. There are places in Portugal that generously display the culture of busy city dwellers, as well as the native tradesmen. From north to south you can explore a new lifestyle in a car hire Portugal.

Drive Through Serra do Caldeir�o Countryside

As you drive through the hinterlands of Algarve, among the stunning landscapes of the Serra do Caldeir�o you will discover many hidden villages. There the local trades of the shepherd, apple picker, cork stripper and miller can be witnessed as they go about their daily work. This area offers beautiful views of the forests that contain the obvious scents of pine and eucalyptus. Also the barley and wheat fields are plentiful and in plain view.

Explore Serra do Caldeir�o Architecture

The Serra do Caldeir�o region of Portugal is filled with distinct architectural characteristics. As you take a slow tour of this region, you will notice the sloping roofs and whitewashed walls of the homes. Upon your excursion to the town of Lagos, you will find many historical landmarks that make up Portugal's African coast exploration. There are historic monuments and buildings at Casa das Arcadas, which was the first slave market in Europe. Currently it is a venue for the sale and exhibition of handicrafts. A stop in S�o Br�s de Alporte allows you the chance to absorb the intricacies of the parish church and what is called the "iron bridge." At Cachopo, visit the small museum there and view the exhibits of the local traditional crafts.

Test Drive The Exquisit Food

As for the local "tastes of the town", sample the brandy, and sausages of the region to top off your tour. Sip from the glasses of the local wines and taste the local cheese. Experience what makes Portugal unique.

All From Your Car Hire

UK visitors will especially appreciate this southern region of Portugal for its convenience in location, as it offers easy access for those flying into the Faro airport. As a UK tourist, book your car hire Portugal with us. We are the leading location for car hire. For the very best prices in Algarve, you are encouraged to book your car hire online today.


Faro Car Rental is for People on the Go!

Renting a car is the easy convenient way to travel for business or sightseeing adventures. There are many advantages to renting a car. Rentals are a popular mode of transportation for those who are arriving by air and need a way to get around directly from the airport. Time is a precious commodity and having a car that is ready at arrival makes any trip more enjoyable. Rental cars provide the freedom to come and go without restrictions. It allows the renter to drive themselves to their destination on the own time without the need of a driver or having to take public transportation. Faro car rental has many different types of cars available to meet any need. Their prices are all inclusive and renters know the complete cost before booking.

Compact cars are appealing for many people because of their size and their gas saving abilities. They are easy to navigate and are an affordable option. Larger luxury vehicles such as the BMW 320 Diesel takes transportation to new levels of style and comfort with all the amenities added in. There are vehicles available for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking to drive some back country roads. These cars are great for heading to the mountains or down to the beach for an afternoon of fun. Faro car rental has a variety of vehicles that are sure to please families large and small. Larger cars allow families to gather together and drive to their destination without feeling cramped. They also have room for additional luggage and bags for those who need extra storage space.

People have rental car requirements based on their particular situation, so it is important to be aware of the advantages of booking early. Pricing discounts and upgrades are available to those who plan ahead with Faro car rental. Booking ahead saves time and money by eliminating steps that are required after arrival. It also ensures the availability of the rental vehicle of choice. Booking online includes special discounts, and the website offers easy to follow instructions. The whole process is sped up, which creates more free time away from the airport after arrival. Rental cars provide mobility and independence for people on the go.


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