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Reserve the Best Portugal Car Hire Now

Whether you are an Algarve, Portugal resident going on a family excursion or a tourist visiting the enchanting town, you will need reliable and affordable transportation. Portugal Car Hire offers you the best of both worlds with reliable vehicles and unbelievably low prices. At Portugal Car Hire, you will never have to worry about being overcharged. We have the most competitive prices in the industry. Furthermore, our inventory is full of comfortable, economical, and trendy vehicles that you can show off to the world. You can make your reservations today and zip through the streets immediately.

Why Choose Us?

You have more than one reason to choose Portugal Car Hire for your transportation needs. The main reason is our rates. You can ride away in a three-door mini-car, an economy vehicle, a compact five-door vehicle, or a luxurious five-seat estate car with less than €100. You will not receive weekly rates like that from any other transportation company in the area. Our prices will definitely give you a reason to smile.

Our friendly staff members will greet you with a smile and reward you with bonuses for your loyalty. We offer you one free weekly rental for every 10 rentals you purchase. If that is not incentive enough to use us, maybe you will enjoy the amazing discounts we provide for recreational events and restaurant dining. Perhaps you will love taking your children to Krazy World for free. Are you getting excited?

Our line of pristine vehicles includes Cabriolet models, Jeeps, Mercedes, and a wealth of economic vehicles and station wagons. Our goal is to make your trip as comfortable and exciting as possible. If you will be traveling to and from the airport, our drivers will provide you with speedy airport parking. Heard enough yet?

Our prices are as low as eight pounds per day, and we offer such treats as unlimited mileage, baby seats, free upgrades, and no reservation deposits. You can reserve your dream car by calling 0870 312 1510 and requesting something special. We will deliver it to you immediately.

When Renting a Car in Portugal, Use Portugal Car Hire

Car Hire PortugalPortugal is an amazing place to visit. Whether you are here for business or pleasure, one of the greatest ways to get a real feel for the land is to travel it yourself. With Portugal Car Hire, you can rent a variety of vehicles that will allow you to get up close and personal with the multiple areas of Portugal. And the best thing about it is that it isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg!

Car Hire Portugal supplies our customers with a wide variety of vehicle options to choose from. We offer Station Wagons, Jeeps, 4x4s, 5 doors, Cabriolets, Minibuses, Mercedes, and People Movers. Whatever you have planned for your trip to Portugal, Car Hire Portugal can accommodate your spatial needs when it comes to choosing the rental car that’s right for you.

To make your experience with Car Hire Portugal even more convenient, we offer the option to have a member of our friendly staff bring your rental car straight to the Faro Airport for you. We will have your vehicle waiting for you as soon as you step foot into Portugal. This way you can get on with your trip and not have to wait in a long line in order to receive your vehicle once you land.

Car Hire Group-DWhen you book your rental car with Portugal Car Hire, you will be working with the rental company that offers the best prices in Portugal. We will never hit you with hidden fees when you rent from us. All of our prices are fully inclusive and require no reservation deposit. Some of our great additional features include:

  • Free upgrades
  • Free addition of another driver
  • Free child safety seats
  • Unlimited miles throughout Portugal
  • 25% off when you book online

If you are looking to take a trip to Portugal and the freedom of traveling by yourself and on your own time table, consider booking a rental car from Car Hire Portugal. Visit to get a detailed quote instantly or book an inexpensive rental car for your next trip to Portugal.